Yet another excellent track off the newly released LP SomeOthaShip, cool concept…read below.

Georgia & Declaime – Heaven Or Hell

“Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow, the track features Black Milk as well as the legendary Kool G Rap and Long Beach MCLMNO, each personifying one of the many layers between heaven and hell.”

“The track begins eerily with the chorus as LMNO raps, “It’s a balance of life / Darkness and light / We’re giving choice for you / Choose right.” As the bass-heavy, unsettling background sets in, the resonating lyrics challenge what is supposedly good in the world as Kool G Rap, LMNO, Black Milk, and finally Georgia & Declaime take turns laying out their own take on heaven and hell in its various forms. Georgia defends the honor of a higher power through Africa as she raps, “She hold the world together forever / If she fall, we fall / Subject to complete and total recall.” However, she continues that the world is a corrupt place, “Street soldiers used to have honor / Now they walk around hungry and listless.” Declaime follows Georgia’s powerful lines, and as the two trade lines over Georgia’s dark production – Georgia’s sultry rhymes against Declaime’s unorthodox rhythms – the juxtaposition of the two vocals, both in sound and lyric, drive home the song’s heaven or hell theme.”

Download the Album HERE


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