After 94 exciting episodes of our weekly video list, we have decided to change the format to include more visuals. This is to accommodate the rising requests we get and to shine a light on artists who otherwise might fall under the radar.
So, everybody, we start September with the maiden edition of TWIB’s Weekly Top 10 Videos.
This is more videos for viewers out there, Whether you have been following us or are new to us, we are sure there is something in here for you. Again, we promise to bring you the best from high to low budget, to animated to DIY and first and foremost, the most creative visuals we can source.





Slye – “Ghost – Live”


British singer Slye helped us launch our video playlist as he released the live visuals for “Ghost “. The track is revamped by the 8-piece band whose excellent musicianship help bring the song to life with rich textures, warm chords, rousing and dyanmic drum grooves underpinned by Slye’s distinct melodic runs and introspective songwriting.

TaReef KnockOut – “You Was Laughing”.

TaReef KnockOut returns with the visuals for his song “You Was Laughing”. The reflective track is built on a sombre and soulful backdrop and underpinned by his distinct flow and heartfelt storytelling. he reflects on his journey as a rising artist and the negative elements that try to detract him from his goals. He takes time to respond to the naysayers who criticize his every move but he is determined to move past them and prove them wrong.

The accompanying visuals have a summer feel and capture TaReef’s laidback demeanor in all its glory.



Cam Gnarly – “I Don’t Play Bout U”

San Bernardino, California-based rapper Cam Gnarly makes his entry on our video playlist with his new release “I Don’t Play Bout U”. The track has a summer vibe and it’s quite relaxing with an overall feel-good vibe and adulation-filled lyrics. The visual follows suit and follows Cam having some downtime with his girl.






Declaime – “Shipwrecked”

Declaime and Theory Hazit deliver some Gilligan-type vibes in their new collaboration titled “Shipwrecked”. The track is lifted from Rocketman, his full-length collaboration with the producer Theory Hazit and it is a showcase of genre-bending sounds and off-kilter rapping these two are known for. The visuals are pretty simple and is a one-shot clip with Declaime in his home studio just doing what he loves.



Itz Jaleel – “Another 24”


Rising Nashville, TN-based rapper Itz Jaleel makes his entry on the playlist site with  “Another 24”. The anthemic track is a brilliant showcase of his bravado rap style that is peppered with insightful lines as well. The visual has an engaging effect and transition that captures Jaleel’s demeanour and stylish performance style.

Rasta the god – My brother”.

Chi-town emcee Rasta the god makes his entry on our site with “My Brother”, a heartfelt and solemn track that dives into the rapper’s personal life and the people around him. He delivers his true thoughts with a laidback melodic drawl and emotional cadence. The visual makes use of subtle effects, performance shots and engaging angle cut scenes that are seamlessly spliced together.

Quiz – “The Parade”(feat. Naj Ahngeaux)

Quiz and Naj Ahngeaux team up for “The Parade”, an insightful piece that explores the concept of having integrity and being stand up in whatever endeavour you do. The duo sure comes correct and delivers the goods with distinct rap styles and well-crafted bars. The visual is a mix of performance shots and clips from a house party that shows both emcees having a good time with their friends and families.
“The Parade” is the first song off Quiz’s upcoming album Grateful.



Professor Green x R.A x K Koke – “Nervous”


Professor Green returns with a new visual for his song “Nervous” featuring R.A and K Koke. The track produced by Bullet Tooth has a dark and scenic vibe with thumping drums that are peppered by the rapper’s energetic and insightful bars about being true to one’s nature. The visualizer is quite engaging and uses subtle animation and subtle motifs that capture the theme of the song.



JayO IVXX – “Up Now”


JayO IVXX stirs up the party vibe in his new release “Up Now” which sees the BX rapper in celebratory mode. Over the dark drill soundscape, he details his rise and the many hurdles he overcame to get to where he is. The video is directed by Storm and edited by Wavechange, and it largely centers on JayO showing both where he came from and where he’s at today. For the first half of “Up Now,” the emcee posts up in his stomping grounds with his crew, while we also see clips of him in his crib with his main girl by his side. Then, it’s off to the club, where JayO gets to enjoy the success that’s coming his way as everyone bounces to the bass-rich production from Taylor Gatson.





Leedz Edutainment x The Arcitype x Ruste Juxx x XL the Beast – “The Darkside”


Leedz Edutainment, The Arcitype , Ruste Juxx and XL the Beast take us deep into “The Darkside”. The brooding track produced by The Arcitype focuses on the concept of dealing with the dark side which resides in all of us. Each emcee delivers distinct bars detailing their own thoughts on the issue. The visual does the same and follows each of them on their own respective journey through the dark side.

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