Jeru The Damaja – Cant Stop the Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)

East Flat Bush Project – Tried by 12

Yo world.. First off, a huge thanks to everyone who showed love and downloaded After Another Winter”. It was my first compilation on WIB and the response was amazing, especially considering the mixture of vibes on there. The next one with a similar structure is coming soon, watch out for Context: Commonplace”.

Right, so.. 20 D Energizers” (name inspired by a classic Spike Lee Joint.. check the intro). Basically, this is the perfect old school mix of addictive drum patterns and hypnotic rhyme flows topped off with some of the best sampling work I have heard to this day. Something has been lost in the music over the years and this really brings it home.. Apologies for sound quality, or lack of, all tracks were lifted off vinyl so please adjust your levels accordingly.

Thanks to every artist on here, you made hip-hop for the history books and to Radio Raheem for the inspiration. Hope you all enjoy the ride to regression as much as I have.


001. 20 D Energizers – Radio Raheem
002. The Natural – Gang Starr
003. Cession at da Doghillee – Boot Camp Click
004. Can’t Stop the Prophet (Pete Rock Remix) – Jeru the Damaja
005. Soul Plan – Lord Finesse
006. Fla La Lashe – Medina Green
007. Blowing Down – Digable Planets
008. 20 Cents (A Tale of Two Dimes) – Adagio
009. Understanding – Nas
010. What a Niggy Know – KMD
011. Slave – Blackmoon
012. Tried by 12 – East Flat Bush Project
013. Infinite – Eminem
014. Your World Don’t Stop – AZ
015. Hellucination – Smif-N-Wessun
016. Next Level – Showbiz & A.G.
017. C’mon Wit da Git Down – Artifacts
018. Three Stories High – Mic Geronimo
019. Pass the Popcorn – The Roots
020. On the Air – I.G. off & Hazardous
021. The Rap Game ft. Pete RockLarge Professor
022. 2000 Seasons – Reflection Eternal
023. Metaphysic – Scienz of Life
024. Voicetress ft. De La Soul – Truth Enola
025. Soul by the Pound – Common Sense
026. Think Twice – INI
027. Correct Technique ft. Problemz – Black Attack
028. Info for the Streets – Mood
029. If You Can Huh You Can Hear – Mos Def
030. Whirlwind Thru Cities – Afu Ra

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