I first heard of Divine via a post on RapRehab sometime last month, and to be honest I didn’t pay attention to his music at first because I was so involved in his story (do click the link). Anyway, his first single ‘Check It Out’ from his debut LP Ghetto Rhymin goes in, delivering some vintage 90s-styled boom bap along the way. The thick drums, eerie screechy sounds, and vocal snippets a’la DJ Premier  will definitely get heads nodding. Divine on the other hand holds his own effortlessly with a voice that reminds me of a mix of Rakim and The Game.

This is a solid introduction to Divine’s catalogue and I have no doubts that no one will say otherwise.

Get with the program.

For many of us, a sad truth comes up when pursuing our craft: though we might invest many sleepless nights to get better at what we do, we might never catch on and get the attention we deserve from those around us. But instead of dwelling on the negative, some choose to throw caution to the wind when making their impact on the world, a quality that reflects well within their work. Simply put, there’s nobody that wants to succeed more than Divine. After connecting with famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, who is a diehard Hip-Hop head, and garnering support from his network for a Kickstarter campaign, the Brooklyn wordsmith is the true embodiment of practicing what you preach. If this is your first time rockin’ with Divine, “Check It Out” is the perfect gateway track to get you hooked on his sound. Jam packed with ill samples and potent rhymes from the Golden Era emcee, “Check It Out” finds the dexterous lyricist dropping knowledge galore amidst the head nodding production, courtesy of Prov P (Andy Price). Turn this one up to ten, and get set for Divine’s full length debut, Ghetto Rhymin’, which is set for a November 4th release.

Album Pre-Order Links:
• iTunes: http://bit.ly/1tgKSxP
• Fat Beats: http://bit.ly/1pBmsdt

01. The Wait Is Over: The Legacy Lives (Prelude) [prod. by DJ Whopper]
02. I’m Back (prod. by Prov P)
03. It’z War (prod. by Ill D) E
04. Let’s Get It On (prod. by DJ Devastate)
05. Hard Body (prod. by Bova)
06. Gun Talk (prod. by Prov P)
07. New York City Nights (prod. by Prov P)
08. Check It Out (prod. by Prov P)
09. Smooth Don (feat. Tracy Adam) [prod. by Godspeed]
10. Where The Club At (prod. by Mr. JPatt)
11. Embracing Eternity (Universal Love) [feat. Tracy Adam] (prod. by Jahgillaz)
12. Ghetto Rhymin’ (feat. Sara Vahabi) [prod. by DJ Whopper]
13. My Dudes (prod. by Ill D)
14. Locked In The Stars (prod. by Mr. JPatt)
15. Nobody Does It Meaner (Prelude) [prod. by Ill D]
16. Brooklyn, Brooklyn (prod. by Ill D)


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