Underground emcee Dialek Dubai pops up on our radar with a gripping record titled “Queens of The Motherland”. Over a solemn, laid back backdrop he takes the listener through a journey of epic proportions. Armed with a commanding vocal tone and vivid lyrical proficiency, he brings us closer to the mix of things.

“Queens of The Motherland” is taken from his  “The Hegira” EP.

The primary influence in life is his deceased father who was a Journalist for The Kano Mirror Magazine 81-82 Nigeria, African World News early 90’s in Atlanta and an influential man to all who knew him throughout the various communities. After his transcendence into eternal light in 94, Dialek Dubai continued to grow, learn and realize the toughness and realities of the struggle in an unstable single parent household. He would begin writing his poems to music and listening to music more frequently; channeling his energies into his art form.

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