Diabolic‘s second single from his upcoming album Fightin Words is an upbeat animated soundscape aptly called ‘Suffolk’s Most Wanted’. The man blessed us earlier with a gloomy DJ Premier banger but on this he employs the indelible German production outfit The Snowgoons and the verbal assist of his LI compadre RA The Rugged Man.

Together they both leave a trail of shattered glass, crushed hydrants and broken chairs with a verbal assault that got the police hot on their chase. What else do you expect when you link these two monsters on a cut? Pure verbal ferocity is all you get.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

Hip-Hop and Police have a long history of butting heads. While artists have adopted the role of liberating the people and stretching the boundaries of activism through music, the police aim to keep the status quo in tact. Naturally, this makes things difficult for those who just feel like having a little fun. On “Suffolk’s Most Wanted,” eastern LI-natives Diabolic and R.A The Rugged join forces to crate an entirely new definition of entertainment, full of bars detailing their full throttle antics. Both R.A. and Bolic come correct over the animated, bouncy production, courtesy of The Snowgoons (Germany). “Suffolk’s Most Wanted” is the 2nd leak, taken from Diabolic’s forthcoming sophomore LP, Fightin Words, which is set to drop on CD and digital download on September 16th through Diabolic’s War Horse Records imprint. Fightin Words is now available for pre-order via iTunes!

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