This has to be one of the sickest mix-tapes I have heard in a long while, and that’s saying something considering it was made in a basement, recorded by 8-track and every track on the project is a first take. the d.ark Tape is a collaborative effort from Toronto producer The Arkeologists (Norman Krates) and fellow Toronto native Derek Christoff (formally known as D-Sisive). These two have history together, having worked together in 2007 on D-Sisive’s debut record The B.O.O.K. But technically, D-Sisive is retired.

the d.ark Tape is a 10 track mix-tape which is the result of one day of work and a lot of reminiscing about 2007 and their past work together. The tape really is underground hip-hop at its finest as they have not done any promotion for it and all the tracks are raw first takes, not even mastered and recorded on a freaking 8-track. The production by The Arkeologists really compliments Derek’s gritty, nonchalant delivery. Definitely worth a listen, stream the album below.

Derek Christoff: Twitter / The Arkeologists: Facebook

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