DemarcoTheMan drops “Meal Worm”, a single that preceded his upcoming new album ‘Nice Weather for Carts.’ The single is a showcase of pure skills as he switches up his flow over a gritty off-kilter beat that hits hard. The beat, however, switches up into a more solemn vibe towards the end and DemarcoTheMan once again raises the ante as he proceeds to deliver a mellow but bravado-filled verse to bring it to a closure.

“Nice Weather for Carts.” as DemarcoTheMan puts it is an experimental hip-hop album that aims to stray from the usual expectations we may have. We do hope to hear it in the nearest future but in the meantime let’s rock to his new single.


DemarcoTheMan is an American independent Hip-Hop recording artist, who hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. With his rhythm switching style, DemarcoTheMan has been a staple in Hip-Hop for maintaining a diverse and unique sound. At the age of 18, in early 2015, he started creating music in college and released his 1st Mixtape. From 2015 to 2017, he consistently presented music and released 5 Mixtapes. In late 2017 he wiped his discography clean in hopes of a fresh start. 

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