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DOM – “Mine” (feat. Alxthegreat)


Houston, Texas-based rapper DOM caught our ears with her new release “Mine” which sees her teaming up with  Alxthegreat. The anthemic track samples a classic brass stab and flips it into something new. DOM takes charge on the track with her sultry vocals and unapologetic lyrics warning the other females not to step up to her.


LaNegraMusic – “Do It”

London-based Spanish singer/songwriter LaNegra makes her entry on our site with her new single “Do It”. The track has a blend of R&B/Soul and funk vibes with its punchy drums and lush chords all underpinned by her rich vocal runs and commanding tone. Here, she reflects on the concept of self-growth and the need to always believe in one’s own strength.




M-Dot x Kore x Benefit x Revalation – “Sonya” by EMS (M-Dot, Benefit, Revalation, Kore) [Prod. By Mekkanic]


“Sonya” is the newest release from EMS member M-Dot who brings in his fellow affiliates Benefit, Revalation and Kore to share a gripping tale of lust, deceit and tragedy. Over Mekkanic‘s ominous and moody, the emcees share a gripping tale about a deceptive female willing to get ahead at all costs. The single can be found on “Fat Hippy Records Anniversary Compilation Vol.1” out now on Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to The National Endowment For The Arts to keep arts education in schools. Check it out now on all platforms!





Bossmadeempire – “Stilll Standing (Reason Ent)”

Bossmadeempire and Que K share new single “Stilll Standing (Reason Ent)”, a mellow and reflective piece that talks about a man’s daily struggles and the steps he had to take to overcome the madness.



Tyrøne – “Never Going Outta Style”

Rising rapper Tyrøne drops his new single “Never Going Outta Style”, a mid-tempo Memphis-styled track that captures the essence of the sub-genre.  Tyrøne is pretty much having fun with the bravado-bars with smooth flows and a carefree demeanor.



John Creasy x Uncle Fester – “Halloween Havoc”

Niagara Falls emcee  John Creasy and Nova Scotian DJ/Producer Uncle Fester team up for “Halloween Havoc”, which is the first leak from the duo’s collaborative LP Super Villain to drop via stream on November 2nd and on vinyl November 3rd (via I Had An Accident Records). The track has a dark and somewhat moody feel and is underpinned by Creasy’s unfiltered bars littered with Halloween and WWE references.

Super Villain is the follow-up to their first collaborative LP Still Villain (which was released earlier this year).  Whereas the initial project was themed around fictional ninja-lord Oroku Saki AKA The Shredder (of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame), on this LP the duo take on the persona of the Hulkster when he went from legendary babyface to full heel with the New World Order in the mid-90’s.  This theme extends to album art (both original covers for streaming and vinyl respectively) as well as skits and track titles.   On working with Creasy, Fester said “at this point I have found the part of my sound that responds best to his vocals which is grimy boom-bap but I feel like I stepped up with the mix on this project which is really dialed into his tone and style.” Guest features are minimal with Canadian spitter Sayzee and New York’s A.P. The Overlord on posse track “Nitro.”




Tragedy Khadafi x Endemic Emerald – “Situation Lit”

Tragedy Khadafi and Endemic Emerald team up for “Situation Lit”, a fiery track ripe with a cinematic and ominous soundscape and hard-hitting bars from legendary Queensbridge lyricist Tragedy Khadafi.

“Situation Lit” is the first leak from Rebel Kings, the collaborative project from the duo. The project will drop on December 1st via No Cure Records on CD, Cassette, Vinyl, and digital formats (pre-order link and single stream link below).




J(X) & Sirrealist – “Red Lights” (feat. Sirrealist)


J(X) delivers his new single “Red Lights” featuring Sirrealist which is the 20th installment of his 1stn15th biweekly music series. The track has a solemn and soulful vibe and the lyrics are insightful and dive into the dynamics of relationship.



J.x.s.h – “Story Time”

J.x.s.h takes us deep into his life in the new single “Story Time”. The production is slick and dreamy and the rapper’s vivid lyricism sure keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.



Sergio Grossi & re: eliza – “Murky Waters”

Sergio Grossi and re: eliza caught our ears with “Murky Waters”, a sublime blend of soul with lofi hiphop aesthetics. The track in question has a warm and dreamy texture, lush keys with smooth bass-driven drum grooves that blend perfectly with re;eliza’s alluring melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics. “Murky Waters” is lifted from the duo’s 4 track EP



Garry With Two R’s – “Hate You”

Garry With Two R’s returns with “Hate You”, a bass heavy off-kilter track that showcases the rapper’s off-kilter lyricism and impassioned flow. The lyrics are vivid, hilarious and bravado-filled with a universal message to listeners to believe in themselves and block out the noise from detractors.







Bossmadeempire – “Living My Purpose”

Bossmadeempire and Que K share “Living My Purpose”, a punchy and rousing track made up of edgy drums and a vocal sample-driven vibe. His rapping style here is somewhat off-kilter and nonconforming.


C-Wil – “mulligan”


LA-based Houston-born rapper/songwriter C-Wil makes his entry on our playlist with “mulligan”. The track has a punchy and scenic feel that is underpinned by his intense and insightful lyricism that details his journey in this unpredictable industry.



Exp. x Simeon x davecreates – “Different Days” (feat. Elliot)


Producers Exp. and Simeon team up with artist davecreates for their latest single “Different Days” which also features vocalist Elliot. The soulful tune is the first look into the forthcoming project from the trio as they are working on a full length project. The song is the result of a writers camp that brought together Sebastian Kamae and Bertholet (known asExp.) and recruited recording artists davecreates (UK) and Simeon (NL)



BRNSRGHT – “Methods of Perfection”

BRNSRGHT‘s newest release “Methods of Perfection” is a tale about self-discovery and the aspirational thoughts of a young man growing up in this crazy world. The London-based rapper/producer delivers this self-produced tune with much gusto and gives us an unfiltered glimpse into what makes him tick.



Jack Spencer – “DECENT ODDS”

Jack Spencer and producer Ellis team up for “DECENT ODDS”, a solemn and reflective track that details his personal situation. From his failings, struggles and relationship with his immediate family, he gives listeners a candid and multi-faceted look into the life of a creative who has issues like everyone else.




Miles Gaines – “2 Dope Boyz”

Los Angeles, CA-based rapper Miles Gaines drops his new release “2 Dope Boyz”. The track has a smooth modern soulful bounce and sees Miles in feel-good mode with his vivid lyricism and a rendition of Outkast’s classic 2 dope boys in a Cadillac.



Isreal Perez – “HEAVEN2ME”

Milwaukee’s Isreal Perez delivers this tribute song “HEAVEN2ME” which is written for his mother and all mothers across the globe. Over a sparse and solemn soundscape made up of warm pads, sublime melodic runs and punchy drums, Isreal pours adulation on his mum and the blessing she has bestowed on him.



DemarcoTheMan -” mirrorbubbles”


Indie rapper DemarcoTheMan teams up with producer yungcobalt to bring us his new release ” mirrorbubbles“. The production has a retro boom-bap vibe with a moody texture and sees the rapper in his element as he drops some hints on his journey as an artist and the many hurdles he had to overcome.



LaRue shares a reflective and sentimental track titled “BURNT ORANGE”. Over the soul-jazz lofi soundscape, LaRue takes time to deliver something candid, refreshing and heartfelt. “BURNT ORANGE” encapsulates the bittersweet essence of fall – a season teeming with the allure of the present moment and the melancholy of its eventual departure. As cherished memories of summer fade into the background, the chilly air ushers in the frigid months ahead.



G-SALIH – “Bouquets (Freestyle)”

G-SALIH‘s new single “Bouquets (Freestyle)” is a heartfelt and reflective track that sees him pouring his unfiltered thoughts on wax. He acknowledges his trajectory and the hurdles he had to surmount to get to where he is right now.  Also, check out his DC-inspired video here.



Beasts on Wax – “Beasts In The Wild”

Hip-hop duo Beasts on Wax return with “Beasts In The Wild”, another gritty track that continues the duo’s anthemic musical style that blends electronic elements with punchy hip-hop bravado. As the title suggests, the track sets the tone with its rousing soundscape and hard-hitting bars that remind us why these dup are the apex predators in the wild.


V Knuckles x Siah Law x Inspectah Deck – “I Don’t Know” prod. by Phoniks”

Boston/Cambridge, MA-based artist V Knuckles (member of Duo N.B.S.) recently put out his latest project The Next Chapter, he delivers the Phoniks-produced single “I Don’t Know” to our earshot. Over a classic soul sample, V Knuckles recruits legendary emcee Inspectah Deck and Siah Law to share with us the things we know and ways to weave through the detractors and craziness of this game called life.


Jaxamilli – “Growth” (feat. Shiloh Ty)

“Growth” is an inspirational and motivational track that sees Jaxamilli and Shiloh Ty reflecting on the changes in their life and how their Christian faith shaped them. Jaxamilli shows us how he turned from his past and pays homage to his lord and saviour Christ.


Chef Porter – “2424 White Plains Road”

Multi-talented artist Chef Porter is in a celebratory mood as he drops “2424 White Plains Road” in time for National Roller Skating Month. The track has a rich texture and a smooth blend of retro R&B and hip-hop and sees Chef paying homage to the past time of roller skating with a focus on the famed Skate Key Roller rink in his hometown in The Bronx NY.



NappyHigh x Memnoc x Mick Jenkins – “MadHatter”


LA-based producer NappyHigh connects with Memnoc and Mick Jenkins for “MadHatter”, a gritty track that blends thumping and cinematic soundscape with bravado and edgy raps.


Telica x Doctor Gosso & the Samplers x Southsidefinn x Max McKensie – “FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)”

“FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)” is a lively funky tune that brings together Telica , Doctor Gosso & the Samplers , Southsidefinn and Max McKensie. The result is a vibrant feel-good jam that describes that feeling of FOMO which we get every now and then. The emcees are sure to be having fun over the smooth groove, warm guitar licks and pads. Overall the track is a solid blend of hip-hop, funky jazz and soul.


M Soto – “EVER LOVE ME” (feat. PJ4SHORT)

M Soto teams up with PJ4SHORT for “EVER LOVE ME”, a heartfelt track that talks about love, loyalty and friendship. Over the bass-heavy drill soundscape, the artist shares their thoughts on the topics and reminds us that love goes deeper than just saying it but requires hard work.


Tundra – “Pictures” (feat. Tundra Beats)


Rapper/songwriter/beatmaker Tundra pours his heart on “Pictures”, a reflective tune that sees him coming to terms with his trajectory in the industry and praying things don’t go awry as he ascends. Over the sombre guitar-driven backdrop, Tundra delivers his verse with an emotional punch and subtle melodic tone


Slime Luciano – “Hood Scriptures”

Slime Luciano‘s “Hood Scriptures” is the final cut we have and it closes it out nicely with its emotional tale of the dark side of the streets. Over the ominous and melancholic soundscape, Slime’s laidback and descriptive lyrical schemes cut through the mix and bring listeners closer to the action.

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