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Anthony Menzia – “Lattice of Coincidence”.


Multi-faceted producer/creator Anthony Menzia appears on our playlist with “Lattice of Coincidence”. The experimental track is a genreless piece that comprises cinematic synth pads, brooding distorted leads, video-game-like plucks, and sound design blending the jungle ambiance with off-kilter instruments. It’s quite fascinating, dark and enthralling from start to finish. I guarantee that you have never heard anything like this.



danyvin – “Muscle Car”.

Ukraine-based producer/creator Dany Vindiuk AKA danyvin gifts us with the fresh smell of the classic”Muscle Car”. The track has a crisp texture with blaring horns and lush pads and a punchy drum groove to match.



Bequem – “Good Old Days”

German producer Bequem reminds us of the “Good Old Days” in his newest release. The guitar-laden beat comprises brooding vocal-like synths, and soft pads with bass-driven grooves to match.


Saul Wasabi – “Sunny Parcs”

Saul Wasabi drops off some “Sunny Parcs” on our list. The track is warm and has an overall relaxing vibe that remind one of the summer holidays away from the boredom of the classroom.

Zycix – “Loved”.

Zycix evokes the feeling of being “Loved” in this brilliant guitar-driven track. The warm tones are engulfing and the slow guitar progression adds depth to the track itself.



Midsummer Dream – “Dive In – Lofi (Remix by Less Gravity)”.


Midsummer Dream‘s “Dive In – Lofi” receives a remix by Less Gravity and the result is a surreal, atmospheric track comprising bright synth plucks, and ethereal pads with choppy drum grooves to match.







AR KAY – “A Way Out”


“A Way Out” is a mellow sombre collaboration between AR KAY and Joseph Hufford who team up to craft a blissful lofi piece to keep us warm like the summer.







Hary.BoY – “2 am”

Hary.BoY is a music project by Leipzig, Germany-based producer Toni Heinzel and his newest release titled “2 am” is a heartwarming piece that caught our attention. His detailed production style is layered, progressive and engaging fro start to finish.




Lofi Milk – “Magic Hour”

Japanese producer Lofi Milk taps into the revitalizing power of summer in his latest tune “Magic Hour”. The aptly titled track has a blissful and welcoming vibe that captures that sublime summer evening where everything is cool and peaceful.




MIXK x NORRSKN – “Red Lights”


Italian producers MIXK and NORRSKN team up for “Red Lights”, a warm and soothing piece comprising layered strings, soft bells with surreal soundscapes and plucky grooves. Overall, it has a comforting and sublime vibe that is reminiscent of summer.





Morning Coffee – “Slow Morning”

German producer Morning Coffee gives us the audio version of the typical “Slow Morning”. The keys are prevalent, lively and somewhat sombre as well. The drum groove is solid and punchy too which adds an extra layer of oomph.



lofi llama – “Quiet Lofi Contemplation”

German producer lofi llama steps into our radar with “Quiet Lofi Contemplation”. The bright and upbeat tune has a prevalent guitar arrangement, and sublime chords with blissful textures to complete the job.



moon.walken – “Sunshine After Rain”.

UK producer moon.walken‘s “Sunshine After Rain” is pure aural nostalgia. The guitar arrangement is dynamic and slowly build-ups into an emotional piece while the soulful textures come into play as the song progresses.





mellow fox – “life could be so simple”


Argentina-based producer mellow fox remind us of how “life could be so simple” in his latest effort. The track is sobering and offers a feeling of bliss and contentment with it’s soul-stirring keys, soft guitar licks and overall warm vibes.





Le vaag – “Riomaggiore”.

Le vaag led us into the waters located on the West Coast of Italy with “Riomaggiore”. A laidback summer-tinged track comprising rich guitar plucks, warm pads with soft bassline arrangements and hushed drums to match.






deepsleeper – “decaf matcha”

deepsleeper help brings this week’s list to closure with “decaf matcha”, a smooth coffee-inspired tune that makes for perfect brewing. The guitar-driven piece is warm, and reflective and has a relaxing vibe that everyone can get into.

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