Washington, DC-based hip-hop recording artist/producer Davy Fresh is on a trajectory with his recent releases and putting together his team and label, Fresh Kids Music Group. His newest venture titled Totally Smoked Out is a collaborative project with Harlem, NY emcee Smokedogg02 who is his younger brother and is currently signed to Davy’s record label. The 2 track body of work serves as an introduction to the new rapper and sets the stage for his future releases under the label.

The 2-piece release starts off with “Came Up”, a bass-laden and cinematic piece that showcases both Davy and Smokedogg02’s bravado-laden raps and no holds barred demeanour. Over the laidback downtempo soundscape, listeners get drawn into the world of both artists where they give us a taste of the ultimate came up and their rise from the dirt to the marble floors. They tie things up with the memorable hook that goes thus “Came up,came up/ get your weight up/Way up,way up/Pull up on your bitch in the range truck, she ain’t got no patience“. This is followed by the equally psychedelic “Faded” which makes use of a chopped-up vocal sample and dreamy textures that accentuate the concept of being faded. The groove stays in the mid tempo arena and sees Smokedogg02 in his element as he delivers his stylish off-key melodic runs and unapologetic bars about his game after hitting the herb.

Totally Smoked Out serves as a precursor for Smokedogg02 debut album, projected to release in January 2024. This is also the follow-up to Davy Fresh’s January 2023 release “Richmond Highway”, and will set up Davy Fresh’s upcoming EP, Ready To Fly, projected to release July 14, 2023.

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The release is also bolstered by the visuals for “Faded” which is directed by David and Osiris Johnson and uses psychedelic elements and aesthetics that accentuate the theme of the song. They use quick-cut scenes and moody textures that add a dreamy and surreal vibe to the song.

Watch “Faded” below

Released on Fresh Kids Music Group / Dallas Austin Distribution

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