After dropping the collaborative project Totally Smoked Out with Smokedogg02, Washington, DC-based hip-hop recording artist/producer Davy Fresh returns with brand new material in the form of a new EP entitled  Ready To Fly. The 4 track self-produced project is the follow-up to his previous LP Richmond Highway, and continues Davy’s string of projects that showcases his distinct style.

“Gold Teeth” helps set the tone with its bright textures and the use of a classic R&B sample that brings in that essential summertime vibe with its bouncy groove and rich bass synths and overall party aesthetic. Davy Fresh gets into the feel-good zone with this club-ready jam. His flow is laidback but impassioned as he reminds us that he is still on the grind but sometimes he has to take time off to enjoy the fruits of his labour. “Fuck Money” is another catchy tune that makes use of another classic R&B jam from the 80s and revamped into Davy’s distinct style. The classic synth forms the basis of the track and it’s bolstered by edgy textures, cowbells and a thick 808-bassline to match. Davy is in his bag here and flexes on the opposition as he secures his bag. Lines like “You ain’t never been in places that I frequently be, ever since a little nigga yeah they knew it was me/This is real life, real ice, you still rocking fake sneaks that don’t look right” help capture Davy’s lifestyle and status while the chorus dives into the luxurious settings we listeners can only envision.


“Every Single Way” continues the summertime aesthetic with its soulful and nostalgic vibe and we see Davy on the paper chase while savoring each moment as it happens. His lyrics are vivid and literally transport listeners into the mix of the action as he details his daily hustle and money moves while separating the real ones from the fake. The final track “100 DEEP” features his longtime collaborator Smokedogg02 and together they bring the EP to the perfect closer as two young black brothers making the right moves, representing their city and inspiring others like them to focus on the grind and putting the hate aside. From crooked cops, snakes, hustlers and go-getters, both rappers give listeners a glimpse into their world and how they weave through the madness with finesse.


Ready To Fly is a great summertime playlist for hip-hop’s 50th Anniversary as it makes use of some classic samples that hip-hop lovers would appreciate and the celebratory theme is something we all can partake in.


Stream Ready To Fly on all available music stores HERE.


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