Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.

On this episode we bring you four extra videos that we couldn’t help but share due to their uniqueness so please dive in and show these artists some much-needed support.





Def Manic – “My Plug”


Brooklyn, New York-based, Serbian Hip Hop artist Def Manic shares  “My Plug”, a song that details personal struggles and his coping mechanism to pull through the craziness. The track has a sombre and reflective bounce and the visuals splice retro-inspired footage of Def Manic in his stomping grounds.




BlackLiq x Ohbliv – “Rhyme”


BlackLiq x Ohbliv kick off this week’s list with the visuals for their new song “Rhyme”. The song continues the duo’s slew of releases with its mix of punchy, cinematic soundscape and vivid lyricism. BlackLiq takes listeners through the journey of an artist whose love for the game has no bounds. The visual shot by BCMusic1st is simple and focuses on performance shots with a dark, moody aesthetic to match.

“Rhyme” is taken from the duo’s EP, What Will It Take.



Saynave – “Charcuterie Board”


Saynave is in his chef element as he serves some delicious chow on the proverbial “Charcuterie Board”. The song sees him as a dogged young man who despite the odds found his way in the door and he takes time to remind the naysayers that he is here for the win. The visual lives up to the title as we see a beautifully laid-out table that is filled with dishes fit for only kings and queens.



El Loud – “Soul Searching”

Rhode Island-based rapper El loud releases the video to his song “Soul Searching” which sees him reflecting on life and true purpose. The visual is made up of performance shots and smooth-cut scenes that shows him and his closest friends in their stomping grounds.




Classic Santi – “Free Game”

An emerging artist who goes by the moniker Classic Santi caught our eyes with this engaging visual for his song “Free Game”. Armed with a smooth laidback flow and candid lyrics, he sure delivers the goods. The visual makes use of performance shots and subtle visual effects.




Antwon Da Don – “All Rise”

Bronx native Antwon Da Don makes his entry on our list with his new single “All Rise”, a lyric-dense track that showcases his deep songwriting that pays homage to the game and the pioneers who paved the way. The GPBeatBangerz-produced track has a moody and cinematic feel and the accompanying lyric visualizer makes use of different engaging motifs that enhance the graphic lyrics.




Davy Fresh x Uptown XO – “To Kill A Superhero”

Davy Fresh and Uptown XO link up for this Hip-Hop banger titled, “To Kill A Superhero”. The song is a reflection of their neighbourhoods and all of the stars and inspirational people who come from these places and have their lives cut short. It’s quite reflective and showcases the duo’s songwriting that explores the topic in detail. The visual has a retro vibe and captures the duo’s performance style in all its glory.

”To Kill A Superhero” is the 4th single released from Davy Fresh’s new album, Richmond Highway, released on Dallas Austin Distribution and Fresh Kids Music Group.




SHOWTIME RAMON – Randy Savag ft. Freetown Official Music Video”

Showtime Ramon and Freetown spit over production from Ram4andr3s who lace them with an eerie and moody soundscape. The lyrics are unapologetic, off-kilter and entertaining while the Music video was shot by Dag sees the duo in their element.




Miss Benzo – “Photosynthesis”


Miss Benzo helped close out this week’s list with “Photosynthesis”, a heartfelt and reflective track that sees her detailing her life’s journey from nothing to something. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop, she takes us back to her childhood doing what she had to do to survive while balancing street life with academics. She reminds us that it wasn’t all rosy especially coming from a place where opportunities were non-existent but she persevered and found a way to move forward. The visual style is distinct and captures Miss Benzo in different scenes with graphic motifs that add credence to her story.

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