We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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zeni – “Twilight”.

Polish producer zeni makes his appearance on our list on a grand note with “Twilight”. The record has a solemn texture, guitar plucks and warm synths underpinned by soothing pads and hushed drums as well. Well-crafted and soothing from start to finish.



Zmeyev – “Bouquet of Dreams”


Zmeyev‘s “Bouquet of Dreams” is a solid blend of jazz/lofi and boombap elements. from the jazzy piano riffs, dusty sound textures and snapping drums, airy horns and scratched vocal samples, Zmeyev sure brings a different and refreshing vibe with this tune.




rocomoco x The Hidden – “As Cool As You Please”


rocomoco and The Hidden take us back in time with their new collaboration titled”As Cool As You Please”. The track has a 70s hippie feel and funky groove to boot. I like the layered arrangement too and the overall sunny aesthetic.





Tjay Suni – “Looking Forward”


Tjay Suni gives us some hope with this uplifting tune titled “Looking Forward”. The brightness of the track is accentuated by the rich acoustic guitar plucks which switch as it progresses. The warm textures and steady drum groove also adds to the energetic element here.



Lofimoore – “It’s a Hard Choice”

Lofimoore’s “It’s a Hard Choice” is a melancholic and contemplative track that caught our ears. The use of soft piano riffs, moody textures and dark sound design sure works perfectly.




Tony Lofi – “Sunny Day”.

French producer Tony Lofi delivers this awesome Lofi beat titled “Sunny Day” to our playlist. The track has bright pads, lush guitar riffs and snapping drums that blend perfectly with the layered soundscape.




Study Buddy – “Coast”


Study Buddy brings us closer to the comfort zone with “Coast”. The track starts with a solemn piano riff and slowly grows into a soothing soundscape ripe with soft drum grooves, rich guitar riffs and summer-tinged pads.



Jesse Klein – “Signs of Life”

Northern California-based producer/instrumentalist Jesse Klein delivers this piano-driven track titled “Signs of Life”. The production is rich and warm and gives off a soothing and alluring vibe that soothes the soul.


Ghostnaut – “Seaside Serenade”

Ghostnaut thrills us with “Seaside Serenade”, a summer-drenched tune that sees him collaborating with Lunath. The production is as sublime as they come and it’s ripe with lush guitar plucks, airy pads and warm piano licks laced over soft drum grooves. Overall it’s a perfect chill hop tune that soothes the mind, body and spirit.



The Bins – “What in the World (Instrumental)”

The Bins keep pushing the envelope with their unique brand of genre-bending instrumentals. Their latest release “What in the World (Instrumental)” is a potpourri of musical styles ranging from funk, rock, hip-hop and rousing Brazilian musical elements. It’s quite layered and the groove is styled in 7/4 time signature which is unprecedented. The guitar riffs, snapping drums and layered retro samples all come together like white on rice.


GrmsBeats – “Kick Back”

GrmsBeats deliver the perfect “Kick Back” on his newest release. The fusion of soulful guitar plucks, cinematic brass stabs and solemn pads over thick boom-bap drums is solid and keeps ears locked in from start to finish.


Htennek Niwhsa – “From Offering No Answers”


Canadian instrumentalist/producer Htennek Niwhsa thrills us with this new release “From Offering No Answers”. The track starts off with a solemn piano arrangement that slowly rises as it progresses. The jazzy flair and lofi aesthetics are pronounced as well.


Widen Island – “Geisha”


Widen Island returns to our playlist with “Geisha”, an uplifting guitar-driven track that aims to light up our spirits in many ways.


Less Gravity x DNTST – “File Select (Super Mario 64)”

“File Select (Super Mario 64)” is a brilliant collaboration between Finnish producer Less Gravity and American producer DNTST. The sublime track is soul-stirring and uses a lot of ebb and flow to create emotional tension as it progresses.


J3VNFI – “Dreamcatcher”

Panama’s J3VNFI makes a solid entry on our playlist with “Dreamcatcher”, a track that lives up to its name. Its so melancholic that you might drop a tear just listening to how the key progresses and the solemn strings come into play. definitely a solid addition to your reflective playlist.


Steve Nguyen – “Illuminarium”


“Illuminarium” is a reflective and laidback lofi pop tune from Steve Nguyen and it sure fits the bill. The slow build-up to the guitar licks, sombre pads and sublime keys all come together like white on rice.


EisZ – “Daydreamer”

EisZ caught our ears with “Daydreamer”, a smooth lofi R&B jam ripe with rich guitar riffs underpinned by a pulsating bassline and warm textures.


Dojen Mirror – “Airborne”

Dojen Mirror‘s “Airborne” is as reflective as they come and sure packs a punch with its soul-stirring arrangement and warm layered instrumentation. From the atmospheric pads, lush guitar licks and steady grooves, listeners will be spirited away to a comfort zone.


Distant.Face x Starburst Records – “Lost in Thought”


Distant.Face in conjunction with Starburst Records delivers something for our playlist in the form of the new single “Lost in Thought”. The laidback soulful lofi joint is made up of sombre pads, keys and solemn guitar riffs and gives listeners a warm and nostalgic feeling.


SVMRI – “Would You Die For Me?”

“Would You Die For Me?” is an experimental and off-kilter track by SVMRI. He employs quite an interesting technique with airy textures, sublime vocal synths and solemn pads.


FalafelBabaganush – “The Road to Nuwara Eliya”


Uprising producer FalafelBabaganush makes his first appearance on our list with “The Road to Nuwara Eliya”. A laidback soulful beat made up of crisp piano riffs, moody strings and sparse drum grooves.




DaMarcus VanBuren – “Fallen Soldiers (R.I.P JP)”


Hard-working producer DaMarcus VanBuren helps close out this week’s playlist with “Fallen Soldiers (R.I.P JP)”. The track is a solemn and reflective tune that pays homage to his fallen brethren. Its a mix of moody strings, sad horn riffs and smooth drum grooves all merged perfectly into each other.

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