Davy Fresh releases visuals for “New Testament.” The self-directed video is taken from his new album ‘The Christening’ which is Davy’s debut album on his Dallas Austin’s DAD company.

The Washington, DC recording artist flows over an infectious blend of soulful and striking melodies that underline his lyrical testament. It’s evident while honing in on the wordplay that Davy is cut from a different cloth. He went from the crook life to the booth, section 8 to thriving as an executive. His raw energy exudes throughout the video as does the profound hook. Davy wants and is an artist that kids can look to. His life is a world tour and he has jewels and gems to share that can inspire and motivate a younger generation. Watch the video for “New Testament” and connect with Davy Fresh below.

The Christening is in stores now via Dallas Austin Distribution and Fresh Kids Music Group –  https://hypeddit.com/rdjqe9





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