Introspect Tracklist

Hailing from the Lagos shores in Nigeria, Cyclone Artemis gives us an 8 track material which is not her first effort at music but her official body of work. There aren’t many female rappers in Nigeria but real still recognizes real so Cyclone Artemis gets a pass from me. Its been a long time coming for this lady with a few covers here and there; one wondered if anything concrete would ever materialize from her. As of the time of this post, I am yet to receive a direct link to the Introspect ep itself but check out the first track as produced by our homeboy Teck-Zilla who makes quite a presence on the project. I intend to update this post as soon as I have a link to the project. Shallah

Update: A directly link has been provided so you can actually peep the whole project and support the kid. Word up!!!

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