Big Twins, Twiz the beat pro team up with Alchemist and Evidence for Take Away The Lies. The Guitar heavy, gritty banger that affords the emcees the canvass to paint their truths while daming the consequences. No funny gimmicks, just straight truth bearing bars from start to finish.

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In between the tough talk and bravado on “Take Away The Lies,” there’s a heavy truth within the rhymes of Big Twins and his guests, The Alchemist and Evidence (aka Step Brothers)—authenticity over everything. It’s a concept that’s never sounded quite this good, and you have Twiz The Beat Pro’s hissing, chipmunked production to thank for that.

When you consider that everyone on this track has worked together in varying capacities over the years, it comes as no surprise that “Take Away The Lies” is such a success. Twins, Alchemist, and Evidence (in that order) murder their verses as they reveal the truth behind the lies of so many. That goes for rappers with phony backstories, cities that have been gentrified (Ev in particular shouts out his ‘hood), and anyone catchin’ feelings from their bars.

“Take Away The Lies” is the final single off Twins and Twiz’s forthcoming collaborative album, TNT, which drops next Friday, April 1st, through Sound Unity Entertainment. The LP is now available for pre-order via iTunes.


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