Finland based DJ/producer supersonic tag team Cut Beetlez and Philly-Cali connect the Nice Guys are back with their brand of unfiltered raw hip-hop. On their new single titled “Graveyard Gravitas,” the production duo craft a very off-kilter backdrop that is so cinematic, it feels like something out of a horror-sci-fi flick but sure fits the Nice Guys’ offbeat style.

The disorientating tempo of ‘Graveyard Gravitas’ begins with rapturous, almost theatrical liberation, before singing gloomy blues on what is a distinctive rap curio, the two teams owning the darkness down among the dead men, and sharpening scythes that have already tasted blood on the previous single ‘Cut Ya Ass Up’. Just like its predecessor, the CBNG alliance goes in before quickly moving onto its next victim.


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