The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Saint Cassius – “Brown Skin Girls”


Emcee Saint Cassius pays homage to all the “Brown Skin Girls” on his new release. The track has a soulful touch and feel-good vibe as Cassius pours all the adulation he has on the women who do extraordinary things.
“Brown Skin Girls” is a follow up to his single “We Make It Look” ft. Jadakiss.
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Hi Love – “The King”


Singer Hi Love delivers an uplifting soulful cut “The King” that pays homage to the man in her life. She sure delivers in a passionate and soul gripping manner over the smooth bouncy backdrop laid before her.
Hi Love is not green in the industry and has worked with luminaries such as Grammy-nominated producer Needlz, Vice President of Capital Music, NO I.D.
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Adeline – “Whisper My Name”


Adeline (former lead singer of nu-disco outfit Escort) drops her first single for 2021 “Whisper My Name” which serves as a leak from her forthcoming EP. The track showcases her vocal range and retro-fitted style in the most elegant manner. From the lush textures, guitars, and her sublime melodic runs, listeners really get a whiff of her vocal strengths.

Kabashi – “Midnight”


Kabashi shares a new jam “Midnight” that shows the man hasn’t lost a pep in his step. Over a punchy backdrop, he delivers a blend of bravado and insightful elements for us to roc to.

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Destiny Jè – “Pure”


Emerging Atlanta, Georgia based singer/songwriter Destiny Jè makes her debut on her list with her new single “Pure.” The dreamy solemn track is bolstered by Jè ‘s sublime/hazy vocal runs. It’s quite alluring from start to finish.
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Prada G – “Listen”


“Listen” by Prada G is a personal track that is ripe with a soulful and reflective feel. The rapper brings the listeners into his life and shows us all his scars.
The track is the intro to his album Fame N Morals.
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Saint Lex – “The 002 Freestyle”


Emerging rapper Saint Lex comes through with “The 002 Freestyle.” It’s the recent entry on her “60 Second Flames” music series which sees her going for the jugular with hard-hitting raps over punchy beats. “The 002 Freestyle” is all bravado and Lex doesn’t pull the punches one bit.
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Antwon Da Don – “Maratwon”


Antwon Da Don shares the visuals of “Maratwon”, a new single that sees the rapper displaying a wide range of flows with a bravado mindstate. The video is quite engaging too,
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XO Xuded – “Breathe”


XO Xuded teams up with Kxng Crooked for this heartfelt tune titled “Breathe.” Kxng Crooked comes through with an insightful verse that detail the struggles of lyrical emcees in this viral music era. XO Xuded comes through and shares his own experiences on how it feels to be without the person you want more than anyone else.
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Darrin Willz – “A Kid From Oakland” feat. Mistah F.A.B.


Oakland, California emcee Darrin Willz links with the veteran Mistah F.A.B. on this heartfelt, reflective track titled “A Kid From Oakland.” Both emcees deliver engaging verses that detail their lives as Oakland natives and their personal experiences.
His debut album, The Beautiful Storm, is set for release in March 2021.
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Cut Beetlez x PhilGoodx7 – “Amirrorca”


“Amirrorca” is a thought-provoking and insightful track by Cut Beetlez and PhilGoodx7. The piano-driven track is somewhat somber and gripping with its moody piano riffs that fit PhilGoodx7’s passionate delivery and social commentary on the struggles of black folks in America/Amirrorca.
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The Worst Gen x Frankie Jax No Mad x Kumo III x traf.fuuji – “Jumanji”


“Jumanji” is a posse cut hosted by West Coast music collective The Worst Gen. The crew team up with Frankie Jax No Mad, Kumo III, and traf.fuuji on this smooth dreamy cut ripe with insightful lyrics, bravado performances, and much more. “Jumanji” is produced by members Kumo III and Shanks.


SR TheMveMnt – “Suburbans”

“Suburbans” is the first single from emerging Omaha, Nebraska based SR TheMveMnt‘s debut album. The track has a reflective texture and smooth bounce and showcases the rapper’s fusion of melodic and edgy raps.
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Shy Guy – “Came From A Place”


Shy Guy makes his entry on our list with the punchy single “Came From A Place.” The track has a solid groove and displays Shy Guy’s fiery flow and vivid description of growing up in the slums of Atlanta.


CragThe2nd (With Cat Evans) – “W.T.F”


CragThe2nd and Cat Evans team up for “W.T.F,” a soulful/moody track that dives deep into real-time issues from a unique perspective. She adds that the song is an anthem to the revolutionary spirits fully recognized and to the ones yet to become self-aware.
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Juskolmeal x LakeithRashad – “The Boulevard”


Juskolmeal teams up with singer LakeithRashad for the insightful track “The Boulevard.” The track has a soulful backdrop and punchy drums while Juskolmeal details life on the streets.
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Kyler Jordan x Lai Grace – “August 18th”


“August 18th” is a heartfelt collaboration between Kyler Jordan and Lai Grace. The duo details the lives of two people who are romantically involved but are going through issues of self-love and doubts. It also describes wanting the relationship to work but there is a lot of uncertainty about their future together.
Stream “August 18th” here.


J.Mar x iMAGiNARY OTHER x Owl-X – “Wake Up”


J.Mar , iMAGiNARY OTHER, and Owl-X team up for “Wake Up.” The track has a cinematic and dusty feel and showcases the emcee’s vivid lyrical styles.
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Rich tha Genius – “Sunset Ave” ft Germain


Rich tha Genius closes the list with “Sunset Ave” which features Germain. The track has a soulful jazzy vibe and a whole lot of insightful elements.
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