Hardworking independent rapper/songwriter Conrad Jon opens up 2023 with his new LP FULLY FROSTED and shares some stand-out tracks below.


“Think Twice” sees him teaming up with Holly Starks for an upbeat and bouncy track that showcases their distinct lyrical prowess delivered in a playful manner. The duo seems to be having fun here and gives listeners a wild variety of flows and unfiltered lines that would leave listeners smiling.


“No Floaters” starts off somewhat mellow and builds up into a bass-heavy trap record that is underpinned by Conrad’s melodic flow and unapologetic bars. He breaks down his favourite strain and his how his winning attitude got him this far.

“Stay Solid” samples the classic Faith Evans track and flips it into something new. The record has a 90s party boombap feel and sees Conrad in his element as he delivers unfiltered and vivid lyrics over the bass-heavy backdrop.

Stream FULLY FROSTED via Spotify.



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