The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Big Jaz, Chino Nino & AintDat3zy – “Smell Tha Smoke”

Big Jaz, Chino Nino, and AintDat3zy link up for “Smell Tha Smoke”, a tune that blends classic west coast funk with a modern-day bounce. The track sees them interpolating the classic tune from  B Rezell and flipping it into a new age herb-induced jam that listeners can rock and smoke something to.



Grabbz – “Toonies Loonies”


Canadian rapper Grabbz is all about the “Toonies Loonies” in his new single. The title is a reference to what Canadians call 1-dollar and 2 dollar coins. The production is bouncy and soulful and blends with the rapper’s fiery flow and go-getter demeanor.




Maddox – “Looking at Stars”

South Florida-based artist Maddox‘s new release “Looking at Stars” is a heartfelt and reflective tune made up of soothing textures and punchy sparsely arranged drums. The rapper takes time to reflect on life and his journey while trying to savor each moment before getting lost in time.








Prophet makes his entry on our list with the heartfelt and reflective tune titled  “COMMERCIAL MUSIC”. Over an ethereal and atmospheric texture, he takes us through his own troubles and pains using songs that evoke similar emotions. He pours his heart out on wax and shows how music served as his therapy in crazy times.


Kaution Mr.700 x Jah Born – “Pinnacle”


The rapper duo of  Kaution Mr.700 and Jah Born is back with a new single “Pinnacle” which details their journey in this unpredictable thing called life. As expected, Jah Born comes with the brilliant and soulful soundscape as Kaution delivers sou stirring bars that dive into self-belief and having inner determination to reach the pinnacle of success.


Bullet Brak – “We Cookin”


Bullet Brak‘s “We Cookin” is a punchy brass-driven banger that harks back to the early days of crunk but with some vivid lyricism to boot.



D Monnzy – “I Can’t Sing”



“I Can’t Sing” is a laidback love rap song from D Monnzy who pours adulation on his girl and details what he would do for her. The lyrics are heartfelt, touching, and relatable.




Conrad Jon – “6am in Hollywood”



Conrad Jon‘s newest release “6am in Hollywood” is a candid account of the rapper’s bustling life. Over a smooth guitar-driven backdrop, he drops a melodic laden performance ripe with bravado and a nonchalant demeanor to match.






KEIDA SMOKES‘ “On The Map” is a playful track that sees the rapper employing a somewhat off-kilter flow over a smooth piano-laden backdrop. He shows us a subtle vulnerable side to himself as he kicks the game to a lady who caught his eye.




Citero – “Mentality”


Producer Citero gets on the microphone over his own production in his new release titled “Mentality”. Over a moody and brooding soundscape, he delivers vivid bars ripe with insightful and bravado rhyme schemes.



Dylan Owen – “The Glory Years Aren’t Over”


Dylan Owen‘s “The Glory Years Aren’t Over” is a heartfelt and aspirational track that talks about growth and the need to enjoy the process it takes to get to one’s goal or find one’s true purpose in this life. The song is taken from his forthcoming Take Care Of Yourself EP.



Broughton – “Love Race Interlude”


Broughton returns with “Love Race Interlude”, another reflective tune that sees him detailing the ups and downs of love and life. Over a sparse and ethereal soundscape, he gets candid and lays his true intentions on wax.



Rodoski – “Jamaica”



Emerging rapper Rodoski comes through with this solid tune “Jamaica” and we had to share. Over a dreamy and ethereal soundscape, the rapper delivers an off-kilter performance ripe with vivid lyricism and a stylish flow to boot.




Wahyo – “Steamers”


Wahyo‘s “Steamers” is a vivid display of lyricism from the Flint, Michigan artist who makes use of a self-produced cinematic boom-bap backdrop as his canvas. The lyrics are candid and his animated flow sure makes it engaging from start to finish.



J.M€AZ¥ – “$ob€r in dozzino”


J.M€AZ¥‘s newest release “$ob€r in dozzino” is a vivid tale of his experience on a certain Friday night at a pizza spot where he got intoxicated. Over a drumless, jazzy backdrop, the rapper takes us from an innocent beginning to something of a crazy night. You just have to hear it to believe it.



Kelly Swank – “10 Months”


Emerging rapper Kelly Swank takes us through a personal journey in “10 Months” which dwells on his thoughts since he released his last song. From losing focus, finding hope in the little things, and getting back on track, he shows us the ups and downs of the life of a fledgling artist.




The Black Buddhist – “Zen”


Lukas the Black Buddhist is an international musician and producer born and raised in the city of Seattle. His new release “Zen” is a laidback and somber tune ripe with lush jazz piano riffs, warm textures, and soft drum grooves. As the title says, he delivers a laidback performance ripe with insightful and bravado raps that listeners can relate to.




Too Many T’s – “The Bomb”


UK rapper Too Many T‘s links with award-winning producer Odjbox for “The Bomb”. A pounding punk-rap infusion. Over a rousing rock-infused backdrop, the emcee takes charge with his fiery flows and vivid lyrical schemes to match.




AR – “She Shut It Down”


AR‘s “She Shut It Down” is a love rap track that sees her pouring adulation on the lady that caught her eye. Over an airy and bouncy soundscape, she shows us that true love does exist somewhere.




MXKA x Blaq Pages x Stylolive – “Wildheart”


“Wildheart” is the musical debut from Bay Area-based, Afro-Mexican singer MXKA who blends elements of pop and soul seamlessly. The track is an upbeat afro-infused jam that showcases her commanding vocals and heartfelt songwriting.




Bachi – “Ándale”


Bachi‘s “Ándale” is a Spanish guitar-driven trap banger that he gifts us this week. The track is upbeat and bright and it’s pure bravado from start to finish.



AR – “Hoodrat Hoochie Mama”


AR returns with “Hoodrat Hoochie Mama”, a bass-heavy club banger that showcases the rapper’s unapologetic lyrics and commanding flow.



Priceless77 – “Life Is Priceless”



Priceless77‘s “Life Is Priceless” is an introspective and aspirational track that sees him sharing the ups and downs of his lie on wax. Over the somber piano-laden backdrop, he takes us deep into his life, from broken hearts, betrayal, and numerous hurdles but each failure helped him gain the confidence to win at the end of it all.



Twivee – “Living Reckless”


UK emcee Twivee closes out the list with his new release titled “Living Reckless”. The track has a somber and moody texture with crunchy drums and features a vivid lyrical display that takes listeners deep into Twivee’s stomping grounds and the impact of living life on the edge. He is joined by Oniss & Clattah who give different perspectives on the topic as well.

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