Canadian rapper Chris Cachia caught our ears with his new single titled “Abundant Bank” which showcases his smooth flow and vivid lyrical style. Over a sparse and punchy backdrop, he delivers a solid performance laced with bravado and vivid lyrics that hip-hop lovers would appreciate. It details the tale of the proverbial loner who will do whatever is necessary to provide for himself and his family.

In “Prowler Position” he employs a cinematic and dark backdrop to share the emotions that come with the personal struggles and loss from the viewpoint of the villain who feels justified by his actions. His flow is impassioned and the lyrics are frank as he holds nothing back from listeners.

His latest project titled Persona is an eight-track LP. After releasing his debut album in 2007, Cachia took an eight-year break away from making music as he managed a particularly challenging period of obsessive-compulsive disorder. His return to music, with a series of EPs released from 2015 to 2021, was an attempt to harness his personal struggles to heal through art. His overall message is that creativity can be used as means to both address mental health concerns and issues of social injustice.

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