Ch!mes shares with us this collaboration with Bahamian singer/rapper songwriter Geovanni on a bouncy laid-back hip hop beat with rhythmic vocals, hard-hitting drums and reversed/glitchy melody. The track is called ‘Mingle’ and we get to hear the experimentations the producer has been inculcating in his style. Ch!mes has been hard it and is sharing his creations with us to show us his capabilities. As he is still trying to cut his teeth in the industry, he gives us a first person account into his repertoire:

“My name is Dominic but with my music I go under the name ‘Ch!mes’. I am an electronic music producer from a lovely named town called Slough in the UK. Started my music producer journey back in 2015 when I got bored during preparations for GCSE exams in secondary school. I was drawn to the freedom and endless creativity to what music could offer. It then became my goal to become a skilled and successful music producer. So I learned how to mix, master, do sound design and just overall make tracks using a computer and a world of sound.

I like to experiment with sounds and making music that hopefully sounds very different to what you usually hear. I tend to make a lot of future bass and trap sounding music (if you want to put a genre to it). My style tends to be experimental as I want to keep music innovative rather than just what is somewhat seen as generic commercial music. Heavy basslines, punchy and interesting drum patterns as well as unique sound design is my specialty.”

Geovanni adds that: “Mingle is about flexing with your no-strings attached friend with benefit but you are getting attached.”

The song is available for stream on Soundcloud and Apple Music. Follow Ch!mes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Hit up Geovanni on Twitter and Instagram.

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