We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Sïckö’s “HAUNTING SEASON” taps into the spirit of summer with its lush and bright guitar plucks smooth piano chords, and warm textures. A splendid way to kick off this week’s list.


Time and design unlimited prod. KRC – “No fear”

Producer KRC delivers this hard-hitting gem “No fear” from his stash. The track is punchy and has trippy textures to match.




SULKEN – “Inseparable”

SULKEN makes his entry on our site with this guitar-laden beat titled “Inseparable.” The record is quite dynamic and slowly builds up into a soothing and reflective piece.

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Bice – “High Tide”

Bice welcomes in the new season with “High Tide,” a soothing laidback jam ripe with lush textures and soft drums to match.

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Pinhead Larry – “Mushroom Temple”

Pinhead Larry blends a classic Zelda sample with trap drums on his new release “Mushroom Temple.” The track has an exotic medieval vibe and the drums are quite vibrant too. The switch up at the end is dope too.

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Moree – “Smooth Criminals”


German producer Moree taps into the lo-fi sphere with his new release “Smooth Criminals.” Bolstered by lush, nostalgic vibes and smooth drums, Moree delivers a solid one here.
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Paul Ivy – “Off White”


Paul Ivy merges the worlds of dance and hip-hop on “Off White” a high energetic jam ripe with thick basslines, punchy drums, and airy textures to match. It is a solid track that street dancers can rock to.
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Haji Outlaw – “Love (U Don’t Know)”

Haji Outlaw pays homage to individuals who inspire him on his new release titled “Love (U Don’t Know)” The track has a rousing groove and soulful textures reminiscent of cinematic blaxploitation soundtracks.
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axmaxv – “Tunnel Vision”


Canada-based producer axmaxv makes his entry on our list with this solid piece titled “Tunnel Vision.” The beat is a mix of trap, futuristic electronic elements, and more. It is quite dynamic and cinematic too as the progression unveils new instruments and sounds.
This is dope from start to finish.
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Ch!mes – “Love”


Ch!mes taps into the internal spirit of “Love” on his new release. The track is moody and somber from start to finish. It makes use of weird swirling synth sounds and soft percussions to match the nostalgic vibe.
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rocomoco – “colimba”

rocomoco‘s new release “colimba” is a heartfelt and relaxing piece ripe with lush and emotion-stirring textures over smooth drums. He also makes use of the Kalimba instrument that adds an exotic touch to the track.
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Davester – “Reflections”


Davester’s “Reflections” is a smooth jazz-infused piece ripe with bright chords and alluring harmonies. Nice horns are included on this one too, very climatic and perfect for a chilled session.
“Reflections” is the 4th upcoming single of Jazz pianist/Beatmaker Davester


Stobbsyy – “Lately”


Stobbsyy sure gave us a thrill with this heartfelt and nostalgia-inducing piece titled “Lately.” The beat is very calming and the soulful vocal sample is quite sublime and alluring as well.
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Rel McCoy -” Catching Time”


Rel McCoy‘s ” Catching Time” is a brilliant soulful beat ripe with somber textures, pulsating basslines, and punchy drums that all merge perfectly.
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Justmusic20x91 – “Lunch Break Loop”


Justmusic20x91 comes through this week with this upbeat and energetic piece titled “Lunch Break Loop.” The track has punchy drums, airy and atmospheric textures, and deep basslines. It sure is an Ideal backdrop for physically straining activities.




CaliCronk – “Just Strollin'”


“Just Strollin'” is a guitar-driven summery jam by CaliCronk. On here he delivers an uplifting jam that we all can rock to while marinating in the cool wind of summer.
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GREEN PICCOLO – “Ain’t Shit Free”


Stuttgart – Germany-based producer GREEN PICCOLO links with the good folks up at Contre Jour, to release “Ain’t Shit Free.” An atmospheric and reflective piece ripe with lush textures, sparse drums, and enthralling dynamics that keeps the attention from start to finish.


Isaac Haze – “Off The Map – Instrumental”


German producer Isaac Haze treats us with the instrumental version of his song “Off The Map”. This is very somber and cinematic and the drums are punchy as well. It’s very solid all the way.
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CaliCronk x Lo-Fi Luke – “Divinity”


US producer CaliCronk teams with Swedish producer Lo-Fi Luke to bring forth this collaborative piece titled “Divinity” The track has a somber vibe with soft drums, lush moody synths, and heavenly keys to match.


Stumbler – “Vibrium”


Stumbler gives us a mental trip with his new release titled “Vibrium.” The track is a somber, mellow lo-fi track perfect to study or just relax with. Written and recorded at Berklee College of Music
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Big O – “Visionary Fantasy” (feat. Melvin Toussaint & Onisor Rodila)


“Visionary Fantasy” is the official lead single from Big O‘s upcoming 3rd LP The Mind’s Mirror. The track features keyboardist Melvin Toussaint & Onisor Rodila who all add their expertise to the soulful lo-fi jam.
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LXXPZ – “itsallgunabeok”


UK producer/artist LXXPZ akes his entry on our site with his new release titled “itsallgunabeok.” Built on somber textures and sparsely arranged punchy drums, he brings a new vibe to the lo-fi department.
Taken from his new beat tape Set Knocks
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