Chaotik Stylz goes chaotic as expected on the track. I must say that there’s something about this brother that takes my mind to Talib Kweli; maybe it is because both cats sound somewhat similar or maybe it is my mind just spazzing out. Anyways, Chaotik has words for a few emcees out there. Instead of sitting on your backsides and grumbling in the face of criticism, then go ahead and show improvement. The game is yours for that taking. Chaotik Stylz makes this video evidently about himself. The pictorial features him alone except for the one or two appearances. And should the video not appeal to you, the renowned Oh No is the producer of the track and you know this man can’t do no wrong on the drum machines. This is from the album The Subliminal Substance, produced in the most part by Oh No and released under Brick Records

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