Before I give you the intro to the Southern Belle, let me give you a quick synopsis on where Carolina Dirty came from. Some of you folks may remember Snoop Lion‘s cousin Malik from Illegal, with that 1994 hit single Back In the Day (off The Untold Truth album). Well, during the time of their reign, Malik was sharpening his skills with a young female contender named Carolina Dirty. Some would say that she rose to prominence with potential deals with TLC’s Left Eye (RIP) and getting really close to signing to Death Row with the Illegal rapper.

Carolina Dirty – French Kisses (feat. Spectac)

Carolina Dirty – Good Neighbor (feat. Spectac)

Anyhow, fast-forward to 2013 and the lady returns with HiPNOTT‘s finest Spectac & Amiri, bringing you this special EP. This six-track joint is simply just a precursor to her LP (titled STILLATIT/Still At It) scheduled for release later this year. In the meantime, listen to a couple of joints, and if you’re digging it, then go download it over here!

1. Intro (The Road Less Travelled) [prod by Amiri]
2. Good Neighbor (feat. Spectac) [prod by Amiri]
3. Mic Check [prod by Amiri]
4. French Kisses (feat. Spectac) [prod by Amiri]
5. 22:16 [prod by TrOy]
6. New Girl In Town [prod by Amiri]

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