Thebatman in Minor is a one off track by Bruse Wane as he prepares for his Earl Manigault of rap project which drops later this year. On this cut, he jumps on a smooth soulful groove and sets off the cypher with his confident booming delivery.

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Bruse Wane’s back and this one is called “TheBatMan” In A-minor. A groove filled and poignant track that features Bruse going in with some crisp bars. Bruse is still hard at work on his “Earl Manigault’ Of Rap album which he promises will be one of 2015 best releases. Check out what Wane had to say about the music.” I had the beat for a while, and although it’s not your typical bang your head against the wall type beat there was a Hip-Hop element and groove there that could not be denied, so I jumped on it and talked my shit. Light a fat one to this



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