Bruse Wane jumps on Common‘s ‘Kingdom’ joint and gave it his own twist. Not one to hold back with the bars and his message, Bruse Wane shows he can hang on a beat as strong as this. He’s currently preparing his new LP Earl Manigualt Of Rap due out next year. Keep it locked on Word Is Bond for more details.

Bruse Wane is back like he never left after dropping his head banging single Hercules. With Thanksgiving, right around the corner the Wane Enterprises Ceo gives us a reason to give thanks, as he goes in over Commons “Kingdom” beat. “I just felt the beat was crazy and it spoke to me so I had to speak back. Plus I want my fans to know I can bang with the best of em.. have faith in TheBatMan” says Bruse’ He’s currently working on his upcoming “Earl Manigualt Of Rap” Album slated for release March 2015, and promises some original music shortly.

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