I first got tuned into this cat’s music a short while ago and I must say the homie is going for gusto. Using the indigenous language of his native Senegal, Bril Fight4 tries to push conscious music using mainstream sensibilities. His latest effort is a collaboration with German producer Ma Ma G is titled Crazy Music’, A very vibrant song that is easy to vibe to regardless of the language spoken on it.

Tune in and enjoy.

In his own words:

In no ignored the philosophical meaning of my name, that is, the opportunity to provide a clear interpretation.

“FIGHT, because life is a fight (a fight that is being conducted against itself, very hard fight sometimes we lead every step, fighting to overcome his fears, despair and misery.

Try not to give up, to believe that everything will change tomorrow, that tomorrow it will get better and that we will emerge victorious)

4 more than a number, it represents the four elements that make up the visible universe ( Earth ·  Fire · Water ·  Air ). One can not live by omitting one of its four elements ….. They symbolize our life …….. 

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