So Blu has decided to pay homage to the LA music and culture scene with his new album, Good To Be Home. This double-LP has tons of Cali-based features as well as a guest spot from Prodigy (of Mobb Deep). Check out the tracklisting below as well as the album cover by Joseph Martinez. You can pre-order the album from Nature Sounds now. In the meantime, go listen to The West, which is the first single from the album.


Disc 1
1. Home
2. The Return
3. Back Home Again
4. Boyz N The Hood (ft. FashawnLike and BeYoung from Pac Div)
5. Whip Creme (Part One) (ft. DefiniteBig DameCo$$, and Swt Pea)
6. The West
7. The 50z
8. The LA (ft. Secret Service Agents)
9. Summer Time (ft. Bombay and Arima Ederra)
10. The Summer / (bonus) Angel Dust (ft. LMNO and 2Mex of The Visionaries and Imani of The Pharcyde)

Disc 2
1. Rap Dope
2. Dre Day
3. Red & Gold (ft. Prodigy of Mobb DeepMitchy Slick and Phil Da Agony from Strong Arm Steady)
4. Child Support
5. Well Fare (ft. Thurzday and Casey Veggies)
6. He Man
7. Brown Sugar (ft. MED and Oh No)
8. Bobby Brown (ft. ClutchMic Holden, and Definite)
9. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (ft. AlchemistEvidenceTristatePlanet AsiaDonel SmokesChace Infinite, and Krondon)
10. The West (Part Two)

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