Sup my good brother & sisters…

It’s been a minute since I’ve wrote one of these updates. Apologies for that. But there’s loads of stuff going on the background here at WIB.

A lot of these we can’t really tell you at the moment, but I promise it’s all good and VERY promising.

So, on to the updates….

Music Player:

Don’t know if you guys had a chance to check it out, but there’s a music player on the right hand bar. There you can play all the best music we post on the blog back to back.

90% of the tracks is stuff that we’ve posted here, so if there’s anything that you really dig, please search for it on the search bar, on the top right corner.

I’ve updated the player a couple of days back, with over 20 songs, so the player it’s at the moment loaded with 90 tracks strong, and we’ll keep on adding as we post.

Underground Chronicles:

If you checked the Underground Chronicles last month you know we had Hazardous Wastes, telling us all about his adventures on the road, whilst touring the US and Canada. (Click here if you haven’t read them yet)

Well this month we will be joined by one of WIB favourite producers BusCrates, he will soon do a introduction post. He is looking forward to it, and there might be some goodies throned in the posts too. Make sure you keep a close eye.

Check here for previous posts on BusCrates

Jose (•J•) goes on Holidays:

That’s right folks, is that time of the year, where I need to take a rest from the blog & work and have some ME time…I’ll be off from Sunday the 18th until tuesday the 27th of July.

But fear not my good people both ~Peacelove & Bob42jh will be holding it down, and as you all know I couldn’t leave you all in better hands.

Ok I think that’s all for now…

Thanks to everyone that checks WIB and for all the love shown. All the commitment & GREAT comments that you are leaving us is powering our wishes to keep taking this Word Is Bond site to new heights and keep on grinding to always bring you the best underground music out there.

Peace and Blessings


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