An ongoing collection of Mr. J. Medeiros remixes produced by friends and fans. If you are a producer who would like to be featured on this album, purchase the “Mr. J. Medeiros Acapellas” from this site, create your remix, and notify us on our fan wall at If we like your composition we will contact you, feature you on this album, and promote your remix throughout the Mr. J. Medeiros network.

1.Pink Light- PR0FiLR Remix
2.Holding On- B. Rich Remix
3.Keep Pace- PR0FiLR Remix
4.Target Market- PR0FiLR Remix
5.Smile- Mr. J. “04 Remix
6.Half A Dream- Mr. J. “04 Remix
7.Umpire State- Stro Remix
8.W.A.N.T.S.- Stro Remix w/ Naledge
9.Holding On- Stro Remix
10.Silent Earth- Luke Atencio Remix
11.Broken Windows- SD Remix
12.Strangers- PR0FiLR Remix
13.Broken Windows- Luke Atencio Remix



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