Rapper/activist Blak-Ram returns with an insightful and socially conscious tune titled  “Green for Darfur” which sees him raising awareness of the beauty that lies in the Darfur region. The track starts off with a monologue from a survivor of one of the attacks as she details the pain uniting Darfur and the capital, ending with her story. The production by Nile Rhythmik has a gritty boom-bap and cinematic feel while the song’s hook contrasts the beauty of the landscape of the most marginalized region in Sudan (Darfur), with the violence that has overwhelmed the state. The origins of the Janjaweed and several alleged war criminals and their roles are mentioned. Darfur’s history and Sudan’s colonial past conclude the tale, as well as the fates of some of the alleged war criminals.

The audio clip used is from an independent film called “Revolution from Afar” by American filmmaker Bentley Brown.

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