Blak-Ram is a Sudanese rapper who grew up in the Uk. His story is quite a heart wrenching one, thrust straight into the consequences of political strife even before he was born. To Blak-Ram, this is a song about loss that leads to a journey of self reflection and retribution in the form of the Sudanese revolution. He goes on to share about ‘The Warrior’s Journey’ saying that:

“I speak about the murder of my father by the dictatorship before I was born and how it drove me to seek justice. The loss pain agony that I have felt from the beginning of my life are all explained here along with the disposal of the President and Sudanese government. The release is on the anniversary of the murder of the Martyrs this year in particular is significant.”

For those that may not be aware, Blak-Ram is an avid mask collector and he likes to incorporate the masks into his personality and performances. So, if you come across a Black Panther looking artist on stage then you just might be in the presence of Blak-Ram himself. You can stream some more on Deezer and Bandcamp as well as catch his attention on his socials – Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

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