OXYMORON  returns with an unapologetic strike on fake no-talent rappers on his new song “Ain’t A Fashion Show.” The song comes with a very offbeat and eclectic video that is inspired by the darkest region of the rapper’s mindstate.

OXYMORON sticks to his formula, dark beats, raw unfiltered rhymes, and a devil-may-care attitude. He proceeds with lines like “…Please don’t mumble your words/This is a crackdown I ain’t absurd…” and gives the listener a glimpse into his thoughts on modern rap and much more. The video captures the rapper backstage going through different costumes and it also makes use of various performance shots and quick cuts.

“Ain’t A Fashion Show” is one of his unreleased material that just saw the light of day and it seems he has a lot in his stash.

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