Emerging Toronto-based rapper Beatox makes his entry on our site with his newest release “Number Two.” The track is a live recording taken from his sophomore album, Beatox Experiment. The track has a warmly jazzy vibe with a neo-soul aesthetic and rousing funky drum grooves that matches Beatox’s heartfelt lyrics and laidback flow.

The record explores the dynamics that come with trying to balance one’s career and relationship. It is quite engaging and relatable so everyone can easily latch on to it.


Beatox (Adam Fainman) was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As a kid he enjoyed performing arts, connecting with people, and had a love for music and a gift for making sounds with his mouth. Once he moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba he spent the harsh winters harnessing his skill to eventually master the art of beatboxing (vocal percussion). Beatox is regarded as a virtuosic beatboxer, producer, and vocalist from Canada. He blends his unique vocal percussion, rhythm and poetry, in collaboration with highly-skilled musicians from around the world. The outcome is a laid-back yet high-energy, satisfaction-guaranteed performance for all music lovers.

He has worked with Emerging Jazz Artist Award winner Joanna Majoko (Zimbabwe), HEMI Music Hub Award nominee Wckd Nation (Slovenia), Freekind (Slovenia), Coastal Collective (N.C, U.S.A), Sabre. He is currently working with his mom, Rachel Kane who is an award-winning artist (Canada Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council, FACTOR) on her 4th studio album alongside producer David Woodhead (Toronto). Beatox has released his 2nd studio album “Beatox Experiment”, a funky live-off-the-floor, ‘Jazz Rap’ album on vinyl and on digital platforms (June 25, 2021). He is currently writing and producing his 3rd studio album and an EP with Freekind (Slovenia).


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