I’ve been bumping Azizi Gibson through the speakers for a minute and I hope you have been too. It’s fair to say he’s not the most… insightful… lyricist around, but that doesn’t stop him from being hella dope; he’s genuinely just fun to listen to. Anyway, he says he has a mixtape prepared to drop at any time (it’s finished apparently), and ‘Ghost In The Shell’ is the first joint we’ll have heard from it. Azizi’s material seems to have gone on to another level too, with his genuine solemn tone to the piece. The beat is immensely smooth too.

No release date has been set for the tape but watch this space. There’s no doubt the Brainfeeder MC is going to be making waves at some point this year.

P.S. Ghost In The Shell is a dope film. Go check it out.

“Make sure you keep it TRILL, I dont give a phuck what it is you do in life. Just make sure you give that shit all you got, if not

ME NOR ANY OF MY PREHISTORIC BROTHAS WILL GIVE A SHIT. Confidence is key, You are responsible for your own drive.

Regardless of what anyone says you must follow that corny shit..your heart. You think people accept a hazeled eyed rapper that watches anime and was raised in thailand??? NO!… but i dont let it STOP ME!! pH BIATCH! BRAINFEEDER IS THE CHAMPION SOUND!
Get to me know because im just getting started”

– Azizi Gibson

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