As the story goes in the the Netherlands, the Hele Dikke Joint is like the Boogie Man. It is said that if you burn too much of the ol’ Dutch dank in the daytime, you risk unleashing the Hele Dikke Joint on the streets. This is the folklore that fuels the 2nd video of the upcoming album “Locomotive” as done by Butta and Risskant with Seize on productions. With the videon directed by eyeworksvisuals, Hele dikke joint is Dutch for real fat joint. The video is based on the myth that if you smoke more then 5 grams a day, you become a joint yourself. Apparently, Butta & Risskant attempted this and the experiment resulted in the recording of this track. The album which the duo are working on, will be fully boombap and is inspired by the likes of Cypress Hill, Eek A Mouse, Blackmoon, Redman and many more artists who have been known to champion marijuana in their art. Risskant from the Netherlands & Butta from Australia are both members of international group ILL-Legitimate and their album is set for a May 2020 release.

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