Check out the band Lord Byrun straight out of Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada as they release their single T.A.C.O. This serves as the rollout single leading up to May the 8th when they will be releasing their first studio album titled “Spirit Animals”. It is been over two years in the making for them.  Having won the 50th “Festival International de la Chanson de Granby” which is Canada’s most prestigious francophone singer-songwriter competition, the project has become necessary and it is great that it is finally happening especially in these unprecedented times. According to Lord Byrun, instead of working one sound or vibe for our repertoire we like to have a variety of styles in our music. This helps fight the ADD tendencies of modern audiences. The downfall to this of course is that they do not have a defined universal sound and thus cannot be easily categorized. Some may find them a tad experimental but one thing that they pride themselves in is an emphasis on good lyrics and clever arrangements.

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