[update: I made some minor changes on the info. It has been corrected]

If you are a Guru fan (or a Gangstarr one), then this is definitely for you! The X Label is here to bring you all things Guru, or at least for the most part (I think you guys may have been familiar with the Guru Tributes website around the time when Keith Elam has passed). In this stage, they’ve released the cassette demo tape of Guru’s (going by MC Keithy E back then) earliest recordings (listen above).

Anyhow, this tape (among many other paraphernalia on the site) are for sale. Justin Elam, the main head behind The X Label is honoring Guru’s name, keeping it alive and well! Proceeds will go to KC‘s (Guru’s son) trust fund.

The X-LABEL: website | facebook | twitter
Justin Elam: twitter


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