The homie Archie Bang takes us back in time with this jewel of a jam. For heads like me, the mere mention of ‘Fortified Live’ brings back vivid memories of tapes (actual cassette tapes), Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek and Mr Man (he barely gets props though) but in fact Archie Bang was an intern at Rawkus  Records during said time. I can only imagine the feeling and I do envy the cat. Anyways Archie delivers a solid one over the Hi-Tek beat, mashing out opponents, breaking components while giving us a brief glimpse of his tenure at Rawkus.

Dope raps over a classic beat. This is a winner anyday!!

 “…That canon you gon’ taste if your words we misinterpret

In the shadows unseen, ain’t no oracle warning you

I’m the one,too close to what I wanna do

Dexter in this rap game, I bring the torture tools…”

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Rawkus Records will always be an eternal monument in the minds of Hip-Hop heads. Whether you wore out your copy of Soundbombing or had some connection to the inspirational NY label, it’s no surprise that many of their artists are still going strong today. But while the company was making ground breaking music and defying the odds, Archie Bang was busy learning from the best through his internship with Rawkus while in High School. What follows on the freestyle for “Fortified Live” is a trip down memory lane, as the Brooklyn spitter recalls his days “stacking up records, CD’s cassettes and soaking up game” from his superiors over Hi-Tek classic instrumental. Pick up Never Say Die Vol 1 (80’s Babies) and relive those classic Hip-Hop feelings.

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