Apex Zero is an emcee from West London in the UK and he teams up with guest emcees OMeza Omniscient and Invincible Armour to hit us with his latest single called Spray the Roof’. This track is taken from his new album, Reality Provoking Liberation, due to hit the shelves on the 28th of October this year. I am told this track is an instance of the kind of materials to find through the length and breath of this LP. I am very green to Apex Zero but I must admit that this is a good track, maybe the delivery doesn’t really cut it for me much but then it might just be me being judgmental. The dude assaults the mic a la M.O.P style which is a good thing but, it also muffles his words which leaves me to pay attention to the beat and not his lyrics. I speak for myself but you might hear it differently which is why opinion is needed. Peep the track and drop your knowledge here and hit us up on twitter!

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