Liverpool-born hip-hop afro-Jamaican artist André Jahnoi blends his cross-country influences with hip-hop and insightful themes that explore real-time social and political issues. His latest release “Chubble” is a laidback soulful bop that explores the concept of freedom in this day and age when the system never stops putting its boots on the neck of the masses. Over PK‘s smokey and hazy soundscape, he delivers a brilliant and expressive flow ripe with unapologetic lyricism and a radical Rastafari mindset to remind us of our indomitable spirit. Lines like “Never yet put a dub up so better run the money upfront yo/One love, one tongue mi go use it/Trust once violate you go lose it” stamp his ideology firmly for the audience to feel.

The accompanying visuals are a nice blend of performance shots of the artist as he does his thing in different spots while basking in the serenity of his environment.

“Chubble” is the first single taken from his forthcoming project AKOBEN.


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