Liverpool-born hip-hop artiste/songwriter André Jahnoi brings fiery activism to the forefront with his socially conscious style of music. His latest record “Insohreckshan” sees him teaming up with vocalist Wxndchime and together they deliver a much-needed message aimed at opening our eyes and minds to the current state of affairs in the land. Over the cinematic and punchy soundscape, Jahnoi reminds us of the brutal reality that we often choose to forget with lines like

Still I run like I’m Usain in a fool’s race
With one shoelace tied tight to the other
Still I ride for my brother and my sister and all siblings
Til this dutty corrupt system is all crumbling and sizzling
Tell my children that I tried til I couldn’t
Tell my mother that she cried for a reason


André Jahnoi’s insurrectionary sound and philosophy are heavily influenced by his Afro-Jamaican heritage. He describes his music as decolonial, using lyricism as a means of challenging the babylon systems that bound the ways we imagine the world and our place in it. “Insohreckshan” is lifted from his upcoming EP Akoben.

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