We all know North Carolina cats get busy when it comes to soul driven, down to earth hip-hop and I’m not trying to pigeon hole anyone here. Ever since Little Brother broke the mold while paying respects to older groups (Native tongues, de la et al), they eventually paved the way for a slew of emcees and producers who carry on tradition and then some.  With that being said, this new joint from Alpha Male Society helps cement that fact and with the co signing of Pooh, you know they got something more than meets the eye.

On My Mind is that thinking man’s joint, different styles, similar focus and energy, profound and honest. isn’t that what we need in music? Well plus a banging beat and we can call it a day.

I definitely recommend this for everyone out there. Get with the program already!!

Formed in 2011, Alpha Male Society (AMSOC) is a North Carolina-based coalition of five wit-driven emcees who have come together to create a hip-hop juggernaut. With each individual wordsmith having their own unique style, the group has been able to create an original sound that is as recognizable as it is versatile. 

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