Abgohard, a member of Aaron Cohen‘s group Inner City Kids is nothing short of an enigma. He definitely fits the profile of that off kilter, unpredictable and out the box emcee and as I watched this video, all three aforementioned qualities manifested in vast quantities. The track “Yung God” would be my first introduction to this young man’s music, it’s actually short to be frank and the vibe was pretty much ominous/cinematic for the most part(respect due to Yuri beats) but his style is something to grow on for sure.

 Yung God will be featured as a bonus track on Abgohard‘s upcoming release YPD which drops on the 12th of February

Get the audio HERE

God. Known to be all knowing and all powerful, he manifests his powers throughout our lives and creates everyday miracles. But what if this god was so raw that he could spit a hot 16? The enigmatic ABGOHARD certainly has many things going for him; being Aaron Cohen’s right hand man in the ‘Inner City Kids’ crew and his uncanny mannerisms akin to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard are just a piece of the New Yorker’s psyche. Though these titles have brought him to some widespread success, AB’s status as a “Yung God” is what separates him from mere mortals. Over a spacey, atmospheric instrumental supplied by Yuri Beats, the Zubat rapper is on a completely different mental plane than the other artists in the game. “Yung God” is featured as the bonus track on Ab’s forthcoming free release YUNG PURPLE DICK which is set to drop, Wednesday, February 12th!


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