Dag Savage have just released their brand new album ‘E&J‘!

Dag Savage is a California duo composed of Exile on production and Johaz on the microphone. Last month, Dag Savage released their mixtape called The Warning Tape which served as a precursor to their debut album ‘E&J‘. The album features 16 tracks including the excellent single Cali Dreamin. E&J is stuffed full with the stellar soulful sounds that we all know and love from master beat maker Exile. Johaz doesn’t slouch either, he delivers meaningful and hard-hitting rhymes. The album is really strong overall and its bolstered by great guest features by Blu, Fashawn, Med, and Aloe Blacc. ‘E&J‘ is a fantastic album, so don’t sleep on Dag Savage and pick it up now! Be sure to stream the album above. The artwork, track list, and purchasing information can be seen below.


Buy Dag Savage’s ‘E&Jdigitally here

Buy Dag Savage’s ‘E&Jphysical CD here

Buy Dag Savage’s ‘E&Jon Vinyl here



  1. The Beginning
  2. For Old Time’s Sake
  3. Twilight
  4. Bad Trip Feat. ADAD & Sahtyre
  5. Drugs Feat. Coss and Choosey
  6. Don’t Stop Feat. Blu
  7. Van Gough Feat. Choosey
  8. Cali Dreamin Feat. Fashawn, Coss, Tiombe Lockhart
  9. Pay Me Feat. Med, Rass Kass
  10. Milk Box (Remix)
  11. LL Cool J
  12. Wine & Cheese Feat. Jimetta Rose
  13. Darlin Feat. Choosey
  14. The Hurt
  15. When It Rains Feat. Aloe Blacc
  16. Outro



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