Here’s a round-up of 5 great, streamable podcasts and mixes that have been occupying my ears this month. I’ve been meaning to talk about them all individually, but they’re now coming to you as a list. No rankings, it’s all good listening.

DJ Numark mix on “The Cut Live”

5 Great Mixes PodcastsHooking you in instantaneously with that bass line, this is twenty tough minutes from one of the most ingenuous minds affixed with two hands on the decks (watch, right, beginning at ~19:00). Technically, it wasn’t released this month but my feed comes straight from one of the web’s finest curators of mixes who posted it up only recently.

More on DJ Nu-mark

Subsoniq Radio – Redef Takeover

Vanguards of progressive Hip-Hop, KB and K-Murdock, are joined by Redefinition Record’s co-founder and enigmatic producer Damu The Fudgemunk, and Panacea-MC, RPM-frontman, and solo-MC-ass-kicker Raw Poetic. A look into the catalogue of Redefinition Records and an altruistic sneak-peak into more unreleased music and projects than you would reasonably expect. With so much achieved and so much ahead for all involved, it really feels like it’s capturing an era.

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Elmattic – ZAR/DOZogist

I had read the name PSY/OPSogist in the digital word of Elmattic, and Subsoniq Radio co-host K-Murdock a few times before I asked myself, “if this many people who know their shit are talking about it, why the hell haven’t I heard it yet?”. Their sound? Like El says of the Sean Connery flick, “Descriptions don’t do it justice”. Except that his actually does, so I’ll let him do the talking…

“The name, meaning, an expert at psychological operations–in all senses. Psy-ops is a Vietnam War term, freak the enemy out, ghost riding the Valkyries, Capt. Harry Potter and the orders of the Phoenix Program: terminate the Colonel. Exterminate all rational thought.  Carried on after–blast rabbit screams at Waco, pump Slayer at Gitmo detainees.  Also known as psywar.  Lord Ha Ha. Inflatable tanks.  Rename your cities, take your language, destroy your gods.  Psyops are categorized white, black, grey.  Like magic…” [continue reading]

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DJ Peyote Cody – Loss Control Radio

A break-in-case-of-emergency radio show for me when my ears have an insatiable desire to consume all the aggressive music in the world. DJ Peyote Cody himself recommends it as music to go hazmat suit shopping to. Simply put, if you took the Station ID’s and had Longevity on rhyme detail, you’d have a modern classic. Slayer, James Brown, Beasties, Kool Keith and Bobby Byrd never sounded so right together.

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DJ Jorun Bombay – Funkbox Reloaded Radio

Guaranteed grinning from ear to ear for the entire duration of this mix. Jorun (pronounced Jo-run) has been championing some modern greats in the last couple of years that I’ve been familiar with his output including, but not limited to, Phill Most Chill, Emskee and Oxygen. Unfortunately, I missed the limited download of this, the first episode of his new radio show, and if you’re just getting wise to it as you read this… so have you. But you can stream it now below!

Stay up to speed with Jorun Bombay


Of course, WIB itself has a weekly output of it’s own podcast, hosted by radio personality and Hip-Hop historian Chase March. Catch up on interviews with House Shoes, celebrations of Halloween in Hip-Hop, and the chronicling of “hash-tag rap”.

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