Here is my first interview for Word Is Bond, conducted with Polish hip hop duo DJ Czarny & Tas. Why did I choose this duo as my first interview? Because they collaborated with artists worldwide, so let them introduce to you some of the Polish hip hop scene!


Please Introduce yourself!

Tas: My name is Hubert nad I’ve acted for several years as Tas. I’m a music producer and in my free time I sometimes play DJ sets.

DJ Czarny: My name is Wojtek aka DJ Czarny, I’m a DJ/producer from Poznan, Poland.


How did you get in to hip hop? Was it any particular scene or music that attracted you?

Tas: In 1995 my cousin made me acquainted with music of one of the pioneers on Polish rap scene – Liroy. I remembered then all of his lyrics. Despite the fact they very vulgar and I couldn’t rap them. I was only 9 years old (smile). A dozen or so years ago I bought my first desktop computer for cheap and my first productions were made using it. You wouldn’t like to hear it (laugh).

DJ Czarny: I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop tracks with scratches/cuts when I was 14. From that time I have been fascinated by the art of DJ’ing (particularly by the turntablism) and later on I started to produce some beats.


Why do you guys want to start a producer and DJ crew?

Tas: We met with Wojtek in 2006 on a concert during which we performed in two separate bands. We kept in touch after then and we started to make things together without any bigger planning. We came out with a few songs, at first it was common DJ sets and some attempts of live act’s. It was definitely our best time. I recollect it very good.

DJ Czarny: We wanted to make something enjoyable for both of us and not so common within the Polish hip-hop scene. We were keen on the instrumental music and we set up the duo to create it and play our tunes live.


What equipment do you use?

Tas: Computer, Music programs, MIDI Controllers, Vinyl…are the basics.

DJ Czarny: Mainly the turntables, DJ mixer, laptop, some MIDI controllers, Akai MPC 1000 sampler…. Lots of different gear actually.


Are there any collaborations with MCs in the works, or any MCs you’d like to collab with?

Tas: For me the voice of an Emcee is like a leading instrument in the music composition. So I pay much attention to the voice timbre and flow. I’m dreaming about making an album with Versis and… maybe it is a sign of insanity but I would be fulfilled if I could make a production for Q-Tip.

DJ Czarny: 20syl from Hocus Pocus/C2C for sure. I enjoy various styles of music, too many albums come to my mind when I think of the favorites.


Apart from hip hop, what music do you listen to, and can you name a favourite album?

Tas: I look for inspirations in various styles. I love the artistry of Dwele, D’angelo, Foreign Exchange, Floetry. Recently, ”Black Radio” by Robert Glasper impressed me the most.

DJ Czarny: I will mention just 3 of them: London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy Dam Funk – Toeachizown Bonobo – Black Sands (his new album is great too) Our friend – Blazo and his music is definitely worth checking out, albums like “Colors of Jazz” and “Reflections” are amazing.


Tell us a few names from Polish hip hop that we have to know.

Tas: It’s a hard question and I don’t want to miss anybody because there are a lot of talented producers and rappers in our country. But I’m sure that one should take a look at the producers of around-hip-hop music: Galus, Night Marks Electric Trio. Fans of the classic sounds should listen to patr00 (Ortega Cartel) and the older productions of Noon, who produced one of the most important albums in Polish rap – ”Światła Miasta” by Grammatik.

Also 2 last albums by Kixnare – “Digital Garden” and “Red LP” for some electronic dope beats. I also recommend the duo called Skalpel and their album “Konfusion”.

Thanks to DJ Czarny & Tas for taking the time to answer our questions.

More interviews soon, right here on Word Is Bond

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