This is dope. 1773 and Trishes are two MCs who collaborated earlier this year for their album Luv Bug. One of the joints on the album was Familiar Stranger, which gets treatment from six separate producers for six separate remixes. I really like things like this, they’re all different perspectives on the same song. The dudes touching it up include Cid Rim – one of my favourite electronic artists – and Mono:Massive.

Around the time “The Luv Bug” was finished, we started sending out the acapellas to friends and musical family around the globe. The song that got the most attention – and thus remixes – by far was “Familiar Stranger”. So before we drop the proper remix album for “The Luv Bug”, here are the very varied results:

Cid Rim (LuckyMe/Affine) kicks it off with epic synth chords before Urbs (G-Stone) evokes ‘familiar’ emotions and Mono:Massive (Duzz Down San) jazzes it up. Then The Weedgeterian, Roman Rauch’s (Philpot/EndlessFlight) green-eyed alter-ego, takes us to the slo-mo disco followed by Max Fisher (Dusty Crates), who gives the song a slighty menacing edge and PDF (another Duzz Down San labelmate) who comes correct with a heavily syncopated Soul stomper. Closing this selection of dope Austrian producers is Arkiv from the other side of the globe: Melbourne/Australia.

And where, you ask, is the “Familiar Stranger” remix by our man Brenk Sinatra, which graced “The Luv Bug” vinyls as a bonus track? Well, that one (and the Urbs version of “Keep On Loving”) will be part of “The Luv Bug Variations” coming out very early next year!

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